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our story

Sharpy Marketing is a 360 ° service-based digital marketing agency based in Ballari, KA, India. We are here to make your business easier, functional, and better. We help clients grow their business online and offline. here we are trying to turn your idea into reality with our 360 ° digital marketing services.

Specific challenges require Specific solutions

Our Mission and Vision.

Our Mission is to make every Entrepreneur a market leader and  Vision is to help our clients grow their business and reach their goals in marketing.

Our Career Goal

Our career goal is to bring our customers around the globe to our clients and take every business from startup to a global brand.

Our Services


Advertising offers incredible opportunities to tell your product or service and easily identify and measure your customers.

  • Digital
  • Traditional


Branding is about raising awareness of your business, products and services by using systems and tactics to make a special.

  • Corporate 
  • Product


Design is a system or application used to design an object, frame, or movement or process. 

  • Logo/Card/Poster/
  • Product package
  • Website
  • Web Development


A video of your achievement shows projected customers what you have accomplished and encourages them to focus on your business account. 

  • Photography
  • Videography


Marketing is a business activity that promotes and sells products or services and delivers them to valuable customers.

  • Digital
  • Event
  • Influencer
  • Niche
  • Traditional

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy refers to the general action of a business to reach the target audience and turn the customer into a business product or service with business offers.

  • B2B
  • B2C

Event Management

The Board of Event Management engages executives in the creation and development of larger and broader personal or corporate contexts.

  • Marketing/Conference events
  • Family/Cultural events
  • Sports events. etc.

Business Services

Business Services used by an agency or industry to conduct business activities. For example

  • Accounting,
  • Transportation
  • Lead Generation,
  • Communications service, etc. 


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