Who We Are...

Sharpy Marketing is a 360 ° service-based digital marketing agency based in Ballari, KA, India. We are a group of people with marketing knowledge from basics to advanced levels.

Why are we here?

Sharpy marketing, About us

We are here to make your business easier, functional, and better. We work in the marketing industry to find specific solutions to specific challenges so we work with top digital marketing experts, here we are trying to turn your idea into reality with our 360 ° digital marketing services.

What can we do?

We help clients grow their business online and offline. and We are happy to help you understand, strategize, design and develop your product or brand, from start to finish or track where you have gone.

Where do we serve?

We are here to serve:
Inbound (online) services,
Outbound (offline) services.
What services do we offer:

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Designing
  • Filming
  • Event management
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Other business services

How Sharpy Marketing is Introduced ?

One day, the founder of Sharpy Marketing Teja varma was looking for some products, and whenever they searched, search ads would show up and they would turn to visit ads and buy products online, And they thought about how people with offline marketing have problems compared to online marketing. To address this problem, they founded the Digital Marketing Agency on July 15, 2020, in Ballari, Karnataka, India. To inform/educate people about online marketing to help small and medium businesses grow.

More about Us

According to the Sharpy Digital Marketing Agency 360° Services, Marketing is the process of identifying customer problems as well as identifying opportunities and drawing customer’s attention.

Our mission is to make every entrepreneur a market leader, helping our client’s grow their business and help them reach their goals in marketing.

Our career goal is to bring our customers around the globe to our client’s and take every business from startup to global brand.