Advertising is a marketing strategy that pays for space to advance a product or administration.

The purpose of this Advertisement is to contact individuals who are eager to pay for the goods or administrations of the organization and to attract buyers. The reason behind promoting is to attract customers to your business and to inform customers about your item or administration. Convince customers that your organization’s item or administration is straightforward for their needs and attract customers to your business. wiki.

Advertisement has three essential goals

1. Educate

2. Convince and

3. Remember.

Why do we need Advertisement ?

Advertisement pays attention to brands, materials, regimes and ideas.
It reports on new product or service programs that can inform individuals about a product or organization. and it is the most effective way to inform consumers. It is used to advise customers about products, brands, their valuables and organizations.

The functions of Advertisement are

1. Introducing brands and products,
2. Informing customers,
3. Checking out new trends,
4. Showing competitive pricing, 
5. Building a customer base, 
6. Persuading customers to buy, 
7. Creating product demand.

Types of Advertisement

1. Digital advertising

2. Traditional advertising

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