Business Services :-

Business Services used by an agency or industry to conduct business activities. For example insurance, accounting, lead generation, communications service, etc. 

Business services, Accounting consultancy
Accounting Consultancy Services
Accounting consultants can help you understand what different reports mean and how bad data can affect your company. 
Duties performed by an accounting consultant include 
1. Financial monitoring
2. Analyzing financial reports
3. Determine the profitability of your business,
4. Analyzing accounts payable to see where your business is able to save money,
5. Determine which accounting services you need,
6. Establish best consistent accounting practices.
Transportaation Services
Transportation Services
Transportation services refers to exercises that help a person get from one place to another with or without goods and then gain administrative benefits.
Services include:-
1. Travel bookings
2. Tourism Bookings
3. Rentals
4. Shipping
5. Distribution
Lead Generation Services
Lead generation service providers manage campaigns to find and qualify customers for businesses, also known as leads.
Lead Generation is helpful for businesses of any type or size and for B2B and B2C.
Lead Generation falls into two basic categories: 
1. Outbound Lead (Calls, SMS, Promotion and Email Advertising) and 
2. Inbound Lead (SEO, Web-Based Media, PPC, Google Ads).