Digital advertising is ideally called Internet advertising or online advertising.

Digital Advertisement

When organizations make Internet progress to inform customers in limited time. Digital Ads include special ads and messages sent via email, websites, social media or web search ads.

Why is Digital advertisement important?

Digital advertisement offers incredible opportunities to tell your product or service and easily identify and measure customers. With ads in different media and channels, advertisers can reach more crowds and can be easily measured.

Difference Between Digital Ads and Marketing?

Digital advertisement is used to build product or brand awareness, while Digital marketing is used to build brands and generate marketing leads. Digital Ads is what creates traffic.

Benefits of Digital Ads

1. Easy to find audiences,

2. Cost-effective,

3. Easily measurable,

4. Increases brand awareness and

5. increases sales.

Types of Digital Ads

1. social media ads,
2. display ads,
3. native ads,
4. video ads etc,Wiki.

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