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Top 10 Mistakes that kill startups or Creatives


Hi, the world is updating day by day, do you know why?
This is because everyday creatives are growing more and more with their creative ideas turning into startups. What makes creatives more successful? Here are the answers I got.

Here are the top 10 mistakes made by Startups or Creatives

1. Single Founder

Have you seen that very few startups have had success because of the strength of single founders? Your answer is yes, But most startups fail by a single founder . Single founders fail to make their own decisions without debate and few drawbacks of single founder are

  1. Lack of Knowledge
  2. Lack of Confidence
  3. Soon or Late decisions
  4.  Taking risks alone
  5.  Getting tired easily
  6. No clear vision. etc,.

2. Wrong platform

Everyone has different talents called Passion. And the thought or idea you get is related to your passion, so focus on your passion to find yourself and grow in your right passion with the perfect platform to show your results.

3. Selecting Bad locations

Most startups fail because of the choice of location, because the location must be chosen that is relevant to the niche or idea.
For example: – Poultry sales in the vegetable market, This type of approach should not be done.

4. Bad planing

The idea you get is not your initial success, Without proper planning, startups cannot be achieved. So make sure that your plan does not bother you when starting out, and that planning will benefit you in the beginning.
Choose the right project or ask someone for a project. Make a better and better plan.

5. Raising too little money

This part is very important for every new startup because some have an idea and some have money, which helps both build a startup. All we have to do is present the right investor idea with the right offer.

6. Putting less effort

Every startup has a lot of excitement but from day to day it depends on the stress of the job. The effort on the job is automatically reduced, so this should not happen. And try to improve yourself day by day and make your work a success.

7. Targeting Wrong Audience

The next step after all startups is to reach people, we should never contact the same people over and over again, try to find the right people who are interested in dealing with you and make your business better.
This will make your initial quality.

8. Hiring bad employee

All your startups depend on the employee you hire because your employee has the ability to increase your start-up with the right plan or strategy. So make sure you choose your right employee and build trust in him.

9. Poor management

Running your company after the start is easy compared to managing.Why do I say management is important because everything under the management system is under control, if we fail to manage our system we lose control and end up with failure.

10. Investing so much

Every startup should be money management or fund management. Before investing in startups, we need to think about the return on investment ,Then plan to execute because getting an idea will be different and leading the idea will be different.

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