Marketing is a business activity that promotes and sells products or services. In other words, it is the processes of production, advertising, distribution and offering to valuable customers.

According to the Sharpy Digital Marketing Agency 360° Services, It is the process of identifying customer problems as well as identifying opportunities and drawing customers’ attention to the product or service through strategy.

We need Marketing because we want to target the right audience, educate them, and attract customers to our product or service to make the business functional and profitable. Wiki.

• Makes buying easier.
• Serve as a bridge between customer and vendor.
• Provides more information about the product or service.
• Offers good value for a product or service.
Clears customer confusions.
• Compare and give good results.
Increases company growth.
• Reach the maximum audience.

1. Customer 
2. Digital 
3. Event 
4. Influencer /Affiliate
5. Loyalty 
6. Native 

7. Niche 
8. Non profit 
9. Partnership 
10. Relationship 
11. Traditional 
12. Word of mouth.