photography is defined as The specialty of capturing light with a camera, computerized sensor or film making.

With the right camera gear, you can also make light photo frequencies that are invisible to the natural eye, including UV, infrared and radio.

Why you need it ?

The motivation behind photography is communication. Everyone takes pictures individually to satisfy themselves. We have certain obligations to achieve, teach, engage, change or give to others.
There are several types that are very popular today. These include
  1. architecture,
  2. documentary,
  3. event,
  4. fashion,
  5. food,
  6. landscape,
  7. macro,
  8. portrait,
  9. road,
  10. sports
  11. Travel,
  12. wildlife photography and more.

Popular Types of Photography

  • Abstract, Adventure, Advertising Photography

  • Black and White, Business Photography

  • Candid Photography, Creative Photography

  • Documentary Photography

  • Event Photography

  • Family, Food, Fashion Photography

  • HDR Photography

  • Landscape Photography, Lifestyle Photography

  • Nature Photography

  • Photojournalism, Portrait Photography

  • Sports, Still Life, Street Photography

  • Travel Photography

  • Wedding Photography etc,.

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