Product branding is an image or structure that describes the product one-to-one.

Product branding

Products which are marked with a perfect design, texture and logo, so the product is effectively recognized when you visit a grocery store which is filled with a variety of products.

Perfect branding allows you to stand out against competitor offers.

Product brand is a Strategy that defines specific marketing situations to differentiate a particular product. It is an activity that defines the way a product image is delivered to its customers.

Product brand Includes

  1. Logo
  2. Design
  3. Message
  4. Packing
  5. Names and information.

Benefits of Product branding

  1. Customers can easily identify your product ,

  2. Customers can identify which product you are serving,

  3. Easy competitive analysis,

  4. Loyal customer to you,

  5. Increases customer confidenceWiki.

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