Web design refers to the creation of sites shown on the web.

Web Design

As a rule it refers to parts of the client experience of site improvement. Web Design involves storing all the information in one place, gathering information and displaying it on the Internet.

Visual Components of Web Design

Written words
Text styles
Images and videos

Technical units

The path
User Experience
Site structure

For what reason do you want to redesign your website?

  1. To make it more user-friendly,
  2. To keep Up to date,
  3. To improve site speed,
  4. To highlight new products and services,
  5. To implement new technology,
  6. To engage and retain more users,
  7. To attract new visitors,
  8. To fight Competitive.

What is Web Development or Web Improvement?

Web development is the creation and support of sites.Work from the backend to make the site look incredible, work quickly and work well with a consistent client experience.

Three Types of Web Developers

Front-end developer
Back-end developer
Full-stack developer

Site maintenance?

Site maintenance means checking your site for issues and slip-ups in general and keeping it refreshed and relevant. This needs to be done on a predictable premise to keep your site’s sound, ongoing support for traffic development, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings. or

Site Maintainence is a way to check if your site is performing well. It is associated with being aware of security refreshes, enabling traffic development and making sure Google is upbeat.

  1. find and fix browser issues,

  2. Scan for interruption,

  3. Examination

  4. Software upgrade,

  5. Website Backup,

  6. Checking site speed,

  7. Search engine optimization,

  8. Analysis Function of the website,

  9. Rewriting Website Content. Wiki.

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